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A survey of potential risk factors for HIV transmission through dental practice in Japan


Aizawa F, Yonemitsu M, Akada H, Boutsi E, Aizawa Y, Nishihara T, Hanada N


Asia Pac J Public Health 1998;10(1):21-8


A survey was conducted to find potential risk factors for HIV transmission through dental practice. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to the members of the dental associations of various prefectures and small cities in Japan. A total of 747 questionnaires was returned by dentists. The findings revealed several problems. Gloves, masks, and other protective garments were generally worn, but most dentists did not always use them during the full course of treatment limiting usage to surgical treatment, and when treating patients in "high-risk groups" and in dental practice the exact percentage of the dentists who reused a used anesthetic liquid cartridge is 12.7%. The effectiveness of the education for dentists regarding AIDS was statistically clarified. It is obviously necessary to provide important information regarding AIDS and HIV transmission to the dentists. Potential risk for HIV transmission through dental practice will be prevented by AIDS education for the dentists. PMID: 10050203, UI: 99159110





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